Difference Between Life coach and therapist


 Life coach and therapistA life coach is someone who helps people achieve personal and professional success. a life coach helps follows the basic aspects of coaching and helps a person achieve his or her goals. Many online as well as offline certification courses are available for learning life coaching. Once these courses are successfully completed, the student gets a certificate after which he or she can pursue this field professionally. Life coaching does not help a person with emotional development; it is more of a personality development thing. A life coach guides his client through his professional life in order to achieve success. It helps with personality development that is, a life coach teaches his client to more confident and independent in life. Therefore a life coach’s job is more of personality development than emotional development.

A therapist is someone that helps in the physical development of a person. Therapy is improvement of a health problem. Through therapy a person can improve their health. Therapy is recommended to people who have just recovered from any fractures or accidents. Through therapy these people achieve proper physical fitness again.

A person is recommended therapy if:

  1. If he or she has medical condition whose growth can be further stopped by therapy. Eg: migraine, headache etc.
  2. A person whose disorder can be cured by therapy.

These are a few times during which a person is advised to take therapy. A person who helps patients with therapy is known as a therapist.

Therefore a life coach helps a person with life decisions and personality development where as a therapist helps people improve their health conditions. Life coaches have their own organizations where people can go on their own without any doctor’s recommendation since it is more of a mental health development. But person cannot go to a therapist just like that; they have to be recommended by a doctor. Therapy helps in improvement of a person’s health condition whereas life coaching helps in improvement of the person’s overall development (that is over all personality). Life coaching is easier to study and there are courses available online as well as offline but to become a therapist a person has to undergo a lot of training and have a proper degree since it helps with health conditions.  Life coaches have their own clinics where people can go, but therapists are available mostly in hospitals.

Therefore, therapy is basically improving a person’s health condition through physical development and life coaching is improving a person’s mental health through personality development. Not everyone needs a therapist but a person might need a life coach at some point of time in their life. Life coaches help us to solve our professional problem without any problem. Life coaches’ help us with overall development and help us achieve professional success. They help us improve our personality that is teach us to be more confident in life. Therapists help us improve any health condition we have over a certain period of time through physical development.